#obihackers IRC channel


There's a #obihackers IRC channel on freenode, where a dozen or so of us have hung out for several years now. Chat is usually OBIEE, Oracle, ODI, and general geek out.

Bear in mind this is the equivalent of us hanging out in a bar; if you wanna shoot the shit with a geeky question about OBIEE go ahead, but if you've come to get help with your homework without even buying a round, you'll probably get short shrift... ;-)

Interested? Join in!. You'll find me there most of the time with the handle rmoff.

What's IRC?

For you kids out there, IRC is one of the old-school protocols on the internet, before WhatsApp et al existed, in fact, probably before the people who wrote WhatsApp et all were even born.

IRC is a text-only chat protocol, with the idea of "channels", as well as direct messaging. It's lasted through the ages, proving its worth in its simplicity and accessibility.

You can use a web interface, or one of a multitude of IRC clients. I like irssi from the command line, or Colloquy with a GUI on the Mac. If you really get into it, znc is a good "bouncer" which enables you to stay online in a channel and keep a track of conversations whilst you're actually offline. If you come along to the #obihackers channel and see zz_rmoff (rather than rmoff) that's my IRC bouncer keeping the tabs on the channel whilst I sleep :)

Robin Moffatt

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